A New Metaverse with Extended Opportunities for Business Is Finally Online

DEXART is a new project on the recently hyped metaverse stage and it's going to bring some exciting possibilities to the table. Co-created by two entrepreneurs — Anton Elston and Anatoly Ille — with extensive IT, business and marketing experience, DEXART features its own token, staking, virtual land and custom made virtual spaces catering to the needs of businesses.

DEXART is a bustling metaverse with detailed backstory and lore, developed in order to make the world interesting for users. Brands and companies that join DEXART get weaved into this story and become an integral part of the virtual world.

This new metaverse is built with Unity. Visual part of the project is appealing and looks more adult than other metaverses. However the possibility to create spaces in different styles and visual directions exists, so it's up to the brands and content creators to join and share their vision.

The project is steadily growing its audiences — both common users and companies. The users participate in shaping the project's economy via game mechanics, while companies create their spaces that help them sell their goods and services and also bring new users to DEXART.

DEXART has sold more than 8500 parcels of digital land and is currently opening new districts due to high demand.

The project also attracts content creators that create in-world assets like virtual real estate and spaces, sell NFTs and digitize their audiences. Artists use DEXART to share their creations in the form of NFTs and have exhibitions that include both images and interactive spaces.

Currently users can log into DEXART via the web interface and an Android app. The iOS app is in development and is expected to be deployed later this year. It will allow users to have access to the metaverse in the palm of their hands and enjoy seamless connection without the limitations of modern browsers.

To find out more about the project visit b2b.dex.art or map.dex.art to see the map of the virtual world and available parcels. 

This article has been published or updated on May 8, 2023